Earth Day Activities
Check out some options to celebrate Earth Day at home.  

1. Walk around your apartment or house and check if all the lights that don't need to be on are turned off. Turning off lights you don't need saves electricity.

2. Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth. This saves water.

3. Go outside and enjoy some time in nature today. Tell your parents what you love about being in nature (Maybe climbing trees or playing in the grass? Maybe laying on the beach and playing in the sand?).

4. Read a book about animals, plants, or insects. Draw a picture of your favorite living things.

Check out these multi-cultural resources.  Our hope is that these resources will help you support your child's global thinking.
  World Continents Colored.png

(read about world events in English and Spanish)

International Digital Children's Library:
(search books by country, award winning or recently added)

Unite for Literacy:
(read books in over 30 different languages)

Culture Grams: Username: princewmr  Password: county
(learn about different countries; information can be translated into different languages as well as read aloud)

Word to Word Translator